Here are some other sites of interest worth checking out:


British Arachnological Society (BAS)  -  BAS Twiiter feed

The Kent Reptile & amphibian Group  

People's Trust for Endangered Species  

Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust 

Gloucestershire Amphibian and Reptile Group  

Amphibian and Reptile Groups of the UK   /  Find your local ARG group here

Surrey Amphibian & Reptile Group


Theresa Paden Fine Art   /   Theresa Paden Fine Art on Facebook    (Includes a beautiful wild rabbit painting inspired by one of my photographs)   

Craig Daniel Wildlife Art  (Includes several excellent pieces of art inspired my wildlife photographs)   


Amateur Photographer  

Canon Digital Photography Forum   

The Photo Forum 


Nature UK Forum  ( The friendliest forum on the web!)  

Reptile Forums UK  

Captive Bred Reptile Forum  

Herp Nation Forum  


Reptiles and Amphibians of the UK 

Ssnakess Forum    

Field Herping EU Forum   

Recommended Places To Visit:

The British Wildlife Centre  

Eastbourne Road (A22), Newchapel, Lingfield. Surrey. RH7 6LF.   Phone: 01342 834658

Reptile Shops:

World of Reptiles (Erith, Kent)  -  (phone: 01322 335007)

Vets & heath-care:

Pet Care (Erith). 355 Bexley Road.  Northumberland Heath,  Erith.  Kent.  DA8 3EZ.   01322 346173

Snake-bite treatment, Doom and Bloom - Survival medicine

Recommended reading:

Wild Guides book - Britain's Spiders by Lawrence Bee, Geoff Oxford, Helen Smith and Nick Baker.  

Wild Guides book - Britain's Reptiles And Amphibians by Howard Inns.  

The Private life of Adders by Rodger McPhail 

Collins Field Guide - Reptiles and Amphibians of Britain and Europe

The Snakes of Europe by Guido Kreiner 


Reptile Breeder - GM Reptiles  

Stock Photo Price Calculator   



Habitat Choice of melanistic adders  

Heating rates of melanistic adders  

Melanism in juvenile Adders  

Adder info - The BBC  

Tagging Adders - The BBC  

Radio Tagging Adders

The SARG Adders 

Treating Adder bites - The British Medical Journal

Adder bite eases arthritis (BBC NEWS)  

True account of an Adder bite victim  

2nd true account of an Adder bite victim (BBC NEWS)

3rd true account of an Adder bite victim (BBC NEWS)

4th account of an Adder bite victim suffering from anaphylactic shock (MANCHESTER NEWS)

5th account of an Adder bite victim (Scarborough August 2014)

Adder bite treatment (British Medical Journal)  

Adder bite. Man hospitalised in York  

Adder Bites In Britain (British Medical Journal)   

Veterinary report on Adder bites (Conclusions)

Buy full veterinary report on Adder bites (British Veterinary Association)

Adder Tagging In Wyre Forest

Snake Venom used to treat cancer (National Geographic)

Longest Adders found (Norway, Finland & Sweden Page 371)

Two-headed Adder 

Adders feigning death and musking 

BMJ - Treatment of Adder bites


Midwife Toad facts  

Aesculapian Snake Fossil records  

Aesculapian Snake range

Aesculapian Snakes in London, by Will Atkins -  The London Naturalist No.90, 2011. Page 94

Striped Grass Snakes in Bradford -  The BHS Herpetological Bulletin Spring 2011 (number 115)

Aesculapian Snake info 

Grass Snakes in Scotland (Herald Scotland)  

Wall Lizards in London  

Melanistic Smooth Snakes in the UK  

Badger facts  

Largest Red Fox BBC report  

Stag Beetle info. (PTES)  

Stag Beetle feeding on snail  

Stag Beetles attracted to ginger - BBC  

Emperor Dragonfly  

Glow Worm facts (download report by Jean Henri Fabre)

Report Glow Worm findings  

Largest Slow Worm report  

Grasshoppers - (Natural History Museum)  

Wall Lizards in UK

Smooth Newt info

False Widow Spider (Natural History Museum)  

Identifying Crows, Rooks and Ravens  

Buglife - Oil Beetles link 1

John Walters - Oil Beetles link 2

National Trust - Oil Beetles link 3

Oil Beetle Distribution - Oil Beetles link 4

Buglife - Hornet Robberfly Facts

Soldierfly Larvae -

British Butterfly Identification  -

British Butterfly Identification 2  -

British Caterpillar Identification  -

Spider Acquaintances - British Spider Identification  -

Canal & River Trust - British Frshwater Fish Identification  -

Insect Identification - Royal Entomological Society 

Iranian Spider-Tailed Viper luring a bird - Geekologie

Camera Price Buster

Previous Weather Reports

Thames Tidal Predictions

Purse Web Spiders

Spiders of Cyprus and Greece 1 -

Spiders of Cyprus and Greece 2 -

Spiders of Cyprus and Greece 3 -

Spiders of Kazakhstan 

UK Pondlife / Aquatic bugs 


American Society of Addiction Medicine

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